EPICO’s start as Miracle Buddyshop

EPICO’s story begins all the way back in 2009, when Jens Morten Hansen established Miracle Buddyshop as a department within the company Miracle A/S. After 8 years of close collaboration, Miracle Buddyshop bought itself out of the project firm Miracle in 2016, as Miracle Buddyshop wanted to position the company as a consultancy firm rather than a project firm.


Opening an office in Jutland

One year after we established Miracle Buddyshop (later named EPICO), we opened an office in Jutland, Denmark close to Aarhus, and with this expansion, we had the capacity, knowledge, and resources to cover freelance IT consulting services throughout Denmark.


Establishing business in the UK

The company was still growing steadily, and with a desire to embrace a more global business, EPICO established a branch in the UK and could therefore provide a larger network of IT consultants in Denmark, but also in large parts of the Nordics and Europe.


New Head of Sweden

In 2013 Christian Van Roon Thomsen, who is co-owner and has been with EPICO since the company was founded in 2009, was appointed Head of Sweden and tasked with establishing EPICO in the Swedish market in 2013.


Further expansion with second office in Sweden

Then in 2014 we further expanded in Sweden and set up EPICO Tech in Stockholm. EPICO Tech is deeply specialized within Oracle Databases and provide the most skilled Oracle consultants on the market.


Several business units established in Denmark

At the same time, the Danish business also grew as we established several business units in Denmark. In 2013 EPICO Search was launched in Denmark – a business unit specialized in headhunting and recruiting IT-profiles for full time employment. In 2014 a Data, Cloud and Analytics business unit was established, specializing in finding IT consultants within Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more for clients in the Danish market. Last, but not least, in 2016 EPICO NextGen was launched in Denmark – a concept focusing on young IT-talents with 0-5 years of work experience.


Establishes nearshoring concept EPICO Poland

In 2016 we expanded further and set up another specialized department: EPICO Poland and thus EPICO could now also offer our new nearshoring concept, with skilled IT consultants geographically close at completely different prices and with a larger pool of qualified candidates far greater than what Denmark or Sweden can provide alone.


Officially changes name to EPICO

In 2017, Miracle Buddyshop officially changed its name to EPICO-IT ApS in Denmark and EPICO AB in Sweden, and got its own identity separate from the Miracle brand. The EPICO name is a contraction of EPIC and COMPETENCIES and expresses the framework for EPICO – the epic collaboration.


Establishes business in Norway

EPICO established a company in Norway and gained a better foothold in markets outside the EU.


Expands office in Stockholm

Then in 2020, we further expanded our broker business in Sweden, by having dedicated employees operating out of our Stockholm office, to better cover Sweden geographically in terms of identifying, qualifying, and delivering IT consultants in Sweden.


100 IT consultants on contract

EPICO Sweden reaches a milestone as we passed into the tree digits of IT consultants: 100 IT consultants on contract in Sweden. 100 consultants helping our clients with their IT-projects and to reach their goals.